A New Lease Of Life Into Your Home

As a homeowner, there are constantly changes to be made in order to create your perfect home. The endless list of additions and alterations can, at times, start to drive you slightly insane. It begs the question then, wouldn’t it be easier to move to a home better suited to your wants and needs?

A recent survey commissioned by conveyancing experts Slater and Gordon revealed that over half (sixty-one percent) of people would rather renovate their existing home over upping sticks and moving on. When you consider the stresses and strains involved with moving house, it’s not at all surprising that choosing to stay is the more popular choice. But what changes can you make to your home to make it work for you?

Less is more

The age old saying that less is more couldn’t be more applicable when it comes to home renovation. So often is the case that a room can feel lifeless and crowded, due only to the amount of clutter that has been collected. If your living space is overcrowded with inane furniture, try stripping it back to the bare necessities and starting again. You’ll be amazed at how much more space there is to work with.

A New Lease Of Life Into Your Home

Bring outside in

It’s a well known fact that plants improve a room. Not only do they filter the air and add colour and life to a room, it’s also scientifically proven that houseplants have a calming effect on people. Try adding a Parlor palm to the corner of a room to create a tropical feel only otherwise felt in a Botanical garden. A rubber tree makes an attractive statement in any room and is surprisingly easy to maintain.

A New Lease Of Life Into Your Home

Lighten up

All too often, a room that you thought was ‘cozy and comfortable’ can end up feeling dark and dingey. A really simple way to rejuvenate a room is to make it lighter. This isn’t to say you should knock through the wall to add a window – although that is an option – but simply redecorate with a lighter, brighter shade of your favourite colour and accentuate the natural light that is available. If you’ve got heavy curtains, trade them in for blinds. Dark coloured carpets or rugs? Light wooden floors and a rug can make the room feel instantly bigger. Try placing a mirror on a feature wall to reflect natural light and give the illusion much bigger space.

It might not always be possible to make the changes that you need to in order to improve your home, and moving house might be unavoidable for a number of reasons. Location is a hugely important factor when deciding whether to move or improve- thirty-five percent of people surveyed by Slater and Gordon said that location was the most important factor when choosing a new home.

Making improvements to your house is the way to transform it into a home – adding personal touches and changes to suit you. Over half of those questioned would consider buying a house that they weren’t 100% happy with, with the view to carry out renovations themselves.


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