Key Factors to Consider in Your Patio Design

If your backyard is leaving you feeling less than inspired, then it may be time to tackle a patio design. Creating an outdoor patio space gives you that outdoor living area that is perfect for relaxing and entertaining. Of course, there are a few key factors worth bearing in mind to ensure the patio is both functional and pleasing to the eye. Here are the factors you’ll want to keep in mind.

Key Factors to Consider in Your Patio Design

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Full Use of the Space Available

Your patio design project will begin with just that – a design. During this process, it’s important to think about how much space you have available and how you can best take advantage of it. That means giving thought to the size, configuration, and placement of the patio. It’s not often that people will complain their patio is “too big”, but it can certainly end up being too small if you don’t optimize what you have available.

Key Factors to Consider in Your Patio Design

Think About Furniture Placement

Before you go ahead and sign off on a design and commit to it, it’s also a good idea to consider furniture placement. What items do you want to place on the patio? Where will you place them? Will there be flow and enough space for it all? You may need to purchase new patio furniture and a new grill to fit the space better.

Key Factors to Consider in Your Patio Design

The Right Materials for Your Climate

Patios can be constructed of all kinds of materials. Often, this is based on the design plan, budget, and your own personal likes and dislikes. If you want the patio to last and be as maintenance free as possible, you should think about your climate and what materials will hold up best. Picking materials that work for your climate will ensure that your patio looks great year after year.

Some of the most common materials include stone/bricks, poured concrete, wood, patio pavers, flagstone, gravel, and wood composite.

Do You Want a Covered Area?

A patio is meant to give you a place to enjoy the outdoors, but let’s face it – the weather isn’t always going to cooperate. This is exactly why so many people choose to have a covered patio area. This makes it possible to sit outdoors even if there is a light rain falling. It also provides shade in the heat of the day, which many people appreciate during the summer. Some coverings are retractable, such as a retractable awning, whereas others are a permanent structure.

The Experts Can Help

Of course, the best way to ensure that your patio design includes all the key features listed above is to hire experts such as KG Landscape. They will be able to create a unique design that works for your lifestyle, available space, and budget.

What Did You Do Without It?

Once you create the perfect patio space, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it. Enjoying the great outdoors will become possible each and every day thanks to your incredible and functional design.


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