Green Design for Homes

Sustainable homes are going mainstream, but not everyone is going to trade in their existing home for a new one build to themselves an Earthship.

With the green movement growing and trends changing at a fast pace, there are however ways to make your home greener, whether you are planning some renovating projects or just bringing in a “touch” of green.

By looking at a couple of green home and roof designing trend, you might get some inspiration and help make this planet greener.

Automate your home

The Internet of Things (IoT) is developing fast and is making way into our homes. This trend is here to stay as Smart technology is improving day by day. Not only does smart technology allow you to live life in luxury but innovative devices allow you to send and receive data based on how your home is functioning. Having control and automation over things like heating, lighting, and appliances can help your home become more energy efficient.

Green Design for Homes

Make Use of Reclaimed Materials

Instead of letting old material end up in the landfill, we can give them a new look and use them in our homes. By doing so, we also minimize the process of new materials being reduced. Most of the reclaimed materials will add a lot of character to your home, and this might be a less expensive way to give your home a new look. Take reclaimed wood for example, the older it is the stronger it has become, adding sophistication to your interior by redoing your floors or cupboards with reclaimed wood. Material like old metal can become an interesting coffee table, and empty glass jars can become cute storage containers after a creative DIY touch. Sometimes the most interesting piece can be found at a flea market or in an antique store. Through upcycling old things you can add some new charm.

Green Design for Homes

Choose a Healthy Interior

All the smart technology and fancy new systems might help you in the energy-efficient section, but they will not keep your home healthy if you are using the wrong products. Chemicals and toxins are hiding in home paints and can cause harm to you when toxins like lead is an ingredient. Make sure when choosing materials to uplift your home, that they are Eco-friendly and do not contain harmful chemicals like VOC.

Green Design for Homes

Filtrate your Home Water

Maybe due to a contaminated water scare around your area or the theory featuring on social media that fluoride in tap water causes our Pineal glands to close, you have considered only drinking filtered water. Making sure you are drinking quality water is the key ingredient to a healthier lifestyle. This can be done by adding a complete water filtration system in your home.

Green Design for Homes


Cork is making a comeback! This material will add warmth and texture to your home and helps to absorb noise. Cork, combined with other materials like stone will still look stylish. Cork flooring, stools, side tables….the possibilities are endless. Since only the outer bark of the tree get harvested, it is easy to understand why cork is a sustainable raw material. Cork is antimicrobial which helps your home to be healthy by absorbing toxins. By making use of cork in your home you can add a timeless appeal that does not cost that much.

Green Design for Homes

Generate your own power

With prices that are going down in the solar and wind harvesting systems, it is easier to take action. Solar panels and community solar gardens are giving us greater opportunity to generate our own power. Wind power is another energy generator to consider as small wind electric systems are very cost-effective.

The ways people used to waste is a thing of the past as new designs are eliminating these bad habits. Today, luckily when it comes to home design, green is trending and that what is trending is green, making our choices the ultimate green choices.


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