Don’t Miss These Checklist While Choosing A Bed

Don’t Miss These Checklist While Choosing A Bed

Investment in a great sleep is also an investment in a long-term health.  A one third of a person’s life is spent sleeping, it becomes necessary to choose the right bed and mattress to get a sound sleep. A good night’s sleep is very important for maintaining the overall health.

Here are some pointers to consider before choosing a perfect bed for your bedroom.

Try it out When you are at the store looking through different bed styles, it is important to try out the bed as well as the mattress before buying them. A person’s weight and build should be considered before picking out the bed.

Pick it out Together If you are sharing a bed with a partner, then it is better to choose the bed together. As this way both of you can assess the bed style as well as comfort.

Invest In Storage Bed People with storage issues in their house, should consider investing in beds with inbuilt storage. Unlike the conventional ones, today you can get a bed with storage at the sides, bottom and bed head. This way you can store that extra stuff in an easy and convenient way.

Select A Big Bed If you have a big spaced bedroom, then you should consider buying a king size or a super king bed or even better an Emperor bed for your bedroom.

Buy A Double Bed Even if you are the only one who is going to sleep on the bed that doesn’t mean you should buy yourself a single bed. Consider investing in a double bed as the extra space will only add to your comfort.

Look And Feel Of The Bed If you want your bed to some character to your bedroom, then consider buying dramatic headboards. You can choose from wooden, metal or upholstered  headboards designs.

Bed With Back Comfort The best choices for back support are slat and spring beds. If you have back problems, you should choose an adjustable bed that will provide you enough comfort and sound sleep.

The Bed Mattress When you are buying a new bed, don’t forget to consider the mattress too. Foam mattress is likely to go with slat beds and spring mattresses are perfect for spring beds. Choosing a wrong mattress can add to your discomfort.

Bed Quality As the saying goes you get what you pay for is even true when buying a bed. This doesn’t mean you have to buy a super expensive one, but don’t fall for the look of a low price bed piece. It might seem okay at that time, buying a low price bed but you might end up regretting investing in it. Don’t stress, though, Bed Sos will help you find the perfect bed that fits your budget as well as meets your needs.

Bed style and bedroom decor When you start looking for a new bed, don’t forget to consider you bedroom interiors for one. Also, consider the side furniture pieces as you would want your bed to tune in with your rest of the furniture. Generally, there are two categories in the bed style department i.e. modern bed style and classic bed style. For a sleek modern look, you can go for the modern style which would fit a modern contemporary bedroom decor and for a classic look, go for the classic bed style. This would perfectly fit a contemporary themed bedroom.

Hence, think about all these factors: the room size; whether there is sufficient space for a large bed or not; does your room need a storage bed; whether you want a higher bed or lower to the ground bed; whether you need a headboard or not. Just like investing in other furniture pieces in your home, buying a new bed can also be expensive. Thus, it’s better if you establish a budget before buying a new bed. This will give you a clear idea whether you are ready to splurge on a big bed or not. Bed SOS has a wide collection of bed styles that fits every budget as well as your needs. Different types of bed styles available at Bed SOS are standard beds, low beds, space-saving beds, four poster beds, platform beds, bunk beds and much more.


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