Designing Small-Space Entranceways

One of the challenges of a small apartment is being able to decorate it in a way that uses all of the space to the utmost advantage. And because a small apartment usually has a small entranceway, designing this space can be a particular challenge. However, since your front entranceway is the first impression that anyone has of your apartment, you want to make sure that it is inviting and reflects your personal taste, be that shabby chic or modern. It may not be able to accommodate ready built options from Pottery Barn, but with a little imagination and a DIY attitude, you can transform this small space into something functional and practical without compromising your own taste or style.

Designing Small Space Entranceways

Store Smart

Because storage always seems to be an issue with a small space, and it is traditionally a good idea to have a place for you and guests to hang jackets and leave shoes, some kind of storage in the front entranceway is a good idea. However, closets and bulky storage chests are not usually an option for a small space. Open-hanging fixtures are usually the better way to go, just be sure to keep it minimal and ensure that your own clothing hanging there is rotated with the season. You don’t want to clutter this space with absolutely everything. For example, your quilted coats, as gorgeous as they are, are most likely not going to be worn in the summer. Just remember to execute proper care when storing away your clothing in order to keep them in perfect condition.

Designing Small Space Entranceways

Also having minimal floating shelves above or beneath the hanging fixture can work well to use this high or low wall space and is perfect for storing hats, scarves, or bags higher up and shoes lower down. Since the hanging fixture already establishes storage space, placing shoes directly on the floor underneath it can work too if you don’t want to implement floating shelves, and if kept minimal it won’t look cluttered or out of place. Just remember to only include these types of comfortable shoes, which are likely to be the ones most regularly worn in a collection, and then store the others away and out of sight.

Designing Small Space Entranceways

Illusions of Grandeur

One of the ways to make your entranceway look a little bigger is to implement mirrors across from the established storage space. This will not only open up the space or give it the illusion of being larger, but it serves a practical purpose as well for being able to quickly check how your outfit looks in the mirror before bolting out the door, and being able to actually find things in the well-lit space. Pot lights are always a good option in an entranceway, as they don’t take up extra space or clash with the décor. These are small details, but they can make a big difference, creating a space that feels inviting and draws your guests in.

Designing Small Space Entranceways

A Seated Solution

If your entranceway is just big enough to incorporate a bench design, then absolutely go for it! Having a place to sit to put shoes on is something that both you and your guests will benefit from. Want the look, but don’t have the space? Build it yourself! Measure the wood out to fit the space perfectly and complete it with made to measure cushions as well. Leaving it as a simple, open design will also allow you to include baskets for storage underneath, keeping hats, scarves, and shoes out of sight.


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