7 Cooling Things to Consider For Comfortable Nights Rest

Very many charming and enchanting things appear with the arrival of summer. Sometimes the rise in heat levels does not feel like one of the magical stuff. Worst of all is trying to get some decent sleep at night turning in bed, with bed sheets sticking to our sweaty bodies. We are quite brutally forced face the fact that for a particular time of the year, the boiling temperatures are part of life and there have to be a few adjustments to how we typically sleep.

7 Cooling Things to Consider For Comfortable Nights Rest

With the current cost of electricity, it is quite a daunting task keeping cool. Notwithstanding, the price of everything seems to rise each day. The following short list highlights some changes you can make in your life during summers that are not only hard on your thermostat but also on your pockets.

1. Go with Cotton Instead Of Satin

Save the fancy satin, silk, polyester and any other bed sheets with synthetic fiber for when the nights and your date are a bit cooler. Lightweight and Lightly colored bed linens made from cotton breathe better, promoting better ventilation. They are also very absorbent, meaning, on particularly hot nights you don’t necessarily have to wake up in a pool of your sweat.

2. Vent It Out

Use every vent available to optimally as dump much hot and humid air produced during cooking out of in your house. Use stove top vents, bathroom vents, laundry room vents, or any vent that can have the hot air directed towards it. You will spend even less on your electric bill. Besides, you will be reduce your carbon footprint and have a positive impact on the environment.

3. Take a Cooling Shower

During the summer, the phrase ‘a cold shower’ should be taken by its actual meaning. Taking time to rinse off, under a jet of cool refreshing waters after a summer, will bring your body’s core temperature down. A shower will also wash off the sweat and anything that was stuck on your skin. A cold shower is one of the surest ways to catch some quality sleep after a hot day.

4. Unplug

When plugged in, electric gadgets radiate heat even when not turned on. This is not only a waste of electricity but also make already hot summers even harder to bare. Keep the plugs out of sockets when a devise or appliance is not in use.

5. Sleep Alone

There is scientific proof that sleeping alone is better than cuddling and spooning during the hot season. Cuddling, for instance, raises body temperatures, making you sweat and in the process, the sheets stick to everything.

Sleeping alone also allows you to have a lot of space at whatever angle you want; this can help further reduce heat. Some sleeping positions like ‘spread eagle’ or any that does not let limbs to touch each other, reduce body heat by allowing air to be circulated all over the body effectively.

6. Use Ceiling Fans – Correctly

In case you did not know, there is a correct and a wrong way to use a ceiling fan. If you look at the base of your ceiling fan, you will find a little switch that changes the direction of airflow. In summer, the ceiling fan should be set in a counterclockwise direction. This change forces the air towards you; thus you feel cooler. During the winter it should be set to clockwise, this circulates air through the room without necessarily cooling it.

7. CBD Way

There are varieties of CBD Oil products in various brands that exist in the market that can also be of help in feeling a bit cooler during sweltering summer months. There are sprays, lotions, cooling balms, sunscreen, soothing creams, sleeping masks, bath bombs, and other new products coming out every day. Using these products whether it’s spraying them on, applying them to your skin or bathing in them, is a sure way to cool down. There are also a lot of other benefits to get out of CBD infused products like their anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. CBD edibles are also great for reducing anxiety and sleeplessness. You can check out even more benefits of CBD at recognized blog CBD Trust.


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