50 Shades of Brown

Brown in the furniture, in the walls, in the ceiling, in different shades and surfaces, the decoration in this Swedish duplex does not leave indifferent.

This should be the first time we see a house in which the color brown has been used in this way, in dark versions, and on multiple surfaces. Interestingly, it is mostly used in the kitchen, dining room and part of the corridor, the rest of the house follows the premises of the style of many Nordic homes today, much white and minimalism.

The photos speak for themselves and it is that it is fascinating what the use of color can do in decoration, we can create luminosity, spaciousness, warmth, depth .. almost, almost what we want, yes, we must study hard and know A lot to know how to do it.

Notice how the ceiling, although it is also brown, is painted in a lighter shade, to avoid being lugubrious rooms. Natural wood flooring is also taken into account, the lighter shade of all we could say.

The truth is that we love the set, it has a certain melancholic air, which attracts (maybe we wouldn’t choose it for our home, we are not from the dark side) but the harmony, balance, and mastery to make this combination Brown does not have anyone and we recognize talent and creativity, precious! What do you think, do you like it?










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