5 Smart and Stylish Bedroom Storage Ideas

When it comes to designing your child’s bedroom storage is key. Whilst children may be small they seem to come with an alarmingly large amount of stuff; toys, clothes, books…the list is endless. So it can be tricky to find a happy compromise between a beautifully designed room and a space that can store all of the various accoutrements your little one insists on keeping.

Hidden Sleepover Beds

Sleepovers can be a parent’s worst nightmare, not only do you have to deal with getting your own children to bed but now you have to contend with other people’s too. But it’s not just the children, you also have to organise the perfect midnight snacks and clear up the popcorn carcasses scattered throughout your home. But one thing you don’t need to worry about is where your little visitor is going to sleep. A trundle bed has a large drawer with a mattress underneath the bed, so it can be pulled out easily to make an extra sleeping space for guests, and then be put away neatly and out of sight the next day. Sadly you are still going to be the one picking up the popcorn!

5 Smart and Stylish Bedroom Storage Ideas

In-built Storage

If you are struggling to find any extra floor space for storage furniture in the bedroom then a midsleeper or cabin bed is a genius way to save space. Built high off the ground, the space underneath can house a variety of cleverly designed storage systems including; shelves, cupboards or storage cubes. Bespoke children’s furniture companies like Ollie and Leila have a huge range of gorgeously designed midsleepers that not only looks stunning but have been designed to keep everything neatly stored without compromising on style.

5 Smart and Stylish Bedroom Storage Ideas

Toy Chests

A toy chest is a classic and timeless solution for storing toys, linen or clothes. If you have little space in the room, try placing a chest at the end of the bed, it won’t take up as much space and looks great too. You can also turn the top of the chest into an extra seating area for you little one by popping cushions on top of the lid (please make sure the box is strong enough to hold your child’s weight).

Desk Duty

Older children need a quiet and calm place to do their homework, away from the hubbub of the family. So buying them a desk for their bedroom is a great idea. However, they can be quite cumbersome and often take up a large amount of space. Cabin beds can incorporate a desk and plenty of storage space for text books and stationary creating a private study area, perfect for all budding novelists!

5 Smart and Stylish Bedroom Storage Ideas

Hanging Out

Get creative with your wall space by attaching a curtain rail to the wall. You can then add hooks to the rail which can be used to hang baskets for toys. Or create your own DIY bookshelves by turning palettes into trendy shelves. For step by step instructions take a look here.



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