16 Attractive Carpet Designs To Style Up Your Interior

The carpet in the interior has a multiple role. In addition to the functional role of these well-known characteristics of improving sound and thermal insulation, the carpet is also decorative item and, as such, participates in the final formation of the appearance in the interior design. Depending on the type and style of the interior, the carpet should complement it, to make pleasant and charming appearance. In the rustic interior you should opt for carpets made of natural materials (wool), and calmer colors. The classic styles support more classic carpets. In the modern interiors, you should opt for contemporary carpet, etc…

There are styles that do not support carpets like, for example, industrial style, and in minimalist interior style, designers prefer smaller carpets with more sophisticated patterns, which won’t to attract too much attention. Carpets are made manually or mechanically, and their quality determines the way of making, the composition of the material, the shape and number of knots, its weight, etc… These are the simplest things that you should know before buying a carpet. Now browse our collection and you might find some interesting carpet to complement your interior!


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