15 Stylish Door Handles

Everyone wants to give a fascinating entry and exit to their house, and thus look for the perfect door furniture, which can ideally match your home’s décor and give it a classy finish. There is a broad array of door handles available in the market with varying shapes, sizes and mode of use.

This post shares some of the most contemporary, modish and stylish door handles from which you can choose the ones with whom you want to festoon your house’s doors.

Egg Shaped Bronze Doorknobs

This egg shaped bronze sand-casted door knob can add a touch of class to your door and overall décor. Its unqiue colour and design can give your home’s interior design a significant uplift.

15 Stylish Door Handles

Oval Rosette Black Finish Door Knob

This Oval Rosette Black Finish Door Knob with separated knob and lock create a traditional and ethnic look. Moreover, this black coloured door knob can be used with the door of any colour.

15 Stylish Door Handles

Cut Glass Knob

This cut glass knob looks exceedingly modish, and its look would appear highly ornate when you pair it with a traditional rosette. It is a perfect door knob to establish the mood and era in a room.

15 Stylish Door Handles

Numbered Door Knob

The sliding doors do not require a door knob, and for such doors this numbered pulling knob is quite clever. Undoubtedly, it gives the door an incredibly trendy look.

15 Stylish Door Handles

Stylish Exterior Knob

The exterior door knob should a perfect match to the façade and the main door of your home. These stylish yet ethnic door knobs ensure that every visitor to your home gets the welcome with a touch of sophistication.

15 Stylish Door Handles

Long Handle Pulls

These not so traditional handle pulls give an amazing symmetry to your entryway whilst defining your tastefulness in the door furniture. Undeniably, a contemporary set of door handles.

15 Stylish Door Handles

Plain Ceramic Knob

If eclectic is your style, then nothing is better your doors than this ceramic door knob that gives a rustic, traditional and ethnic look to the entire area.

15 Stylish Door Handles

Colourful Ceramic Knob

While plain ceramic knobs exhibit class, the coloured playful ceramic door knobs give a perfect lead to your home and represent your artistic nature.

15 Stylish Door Handles

Stainless Finish Single Plate Knob

This stainless finish lever handles single plate knob is a simple yet classy way give your home décor a clean & modern finish.

15 Stylish Door Handles

Black Rectangular Lever Handles

This black stylish lever handle ensures that you do not have to twist your wrist in order to open the door.

15 Stylish Door Handles

Sleek Egg Shaped Knob

This modern knob is a contemporary version of the conventional egg-shaped knobs. Its round and small rosette keep it looking sleek.

15 Stylish Door Handles

Classic Barn Handle

This classic barn handle presents an amazing twist to the traditional door knobs. Indeed, an incredible way to make your overall home décor look more ethnic.

15 Stylish Door Handles

Stylish Door Knobs

These stylish door knobs serve as a perfect finishing touch to your door as well as the grand space.

15 Stylish Door Handles

Stainless Steel Door Handle

It is an extremely simple yet highly sophisticated lever handle of the door that defines your preference for elegance over style.

15 Stylish Door Handles

Carved Door Knob

This carved door knob is the perfect addition to a home which is decorated with the ethnic, vintage and inimitable design elements & entities.

15 Stylish Door Handles






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